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Dan Reynolds Lead Singer of Imagine Dragons

Steve Aoki

Suzie Abromeit

Benson Boone

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For two decades, I've journeyed through the intertwined worlds of health, fitness, and business. My personal battles, from a Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis at age 5 to overcoming addiction, have deeply ingrained in me the understanding that our health is our truest wealth.

Over the years, as I collaborated with celebrities, athletes, and especially business leaders, a clear pattern emerged: optimal health & fitness is the secret catalyst that propels business performance and magnifies wealth. Recognizing this pivotal link, I've honed a simple yet proven method to elevate one's health without demanding sacrifices that disrupt a leader's demanding schedule.

Armed with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science and countless success stories, I’m here to ensure that your health is never the limiting factor in your business journey. In fact, with my guidance, your revitalized health will become your secret weapon.

Together, we'll maximize your potential, ensuring that both your well-being and your business reach unparalleled heights.

To the future, where your health amplifies your success,

Brad Feinberg




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Dan Reynolds

Occupation: Music Artist

Result: Full remission from AS, living pain-free, improved strength, mobility, and endurance for demanding tour schedules, boosted mental health and overall quality of life.

Dan Reynolds Lead Singer of Imagine Dragons:

From Center Stage to Life’s Stage: How I Helped Dan Reynolds Overcome Autoimmune Challenges and Reach Peak Fitness

Behind the enigmatic stage presence was a man grappling with a challenging autoimmune disease, Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), that threatened to undermine his passion and profession. Dan's battle had been long and relentless, and he was determined to overcome this hurdle, improve his physical condition, and ensure he was tour-ready at all times.

The Process

Phase 1: Personalized Nutritional Guidance and Supplementation

Our journey began with a deep dive into Dan's diet, identifying the foods and supplements that would help in combating inflammation and strengthening his immune response. With my guidance, we introduced a tailored regimen of correct diet and essential vitamins to support his body's natural healing capabilities.

Phase 2: Functional Fitness Training

The next step was devising a fitness plan that catered to Dan's unique needs and the rigors of his profession. We focused on exercises that enhanced his mobility, built strength, and ensured he could give his best during every performance. My approach was holistic, targeting not just physical, but also mental well-being.

The Results

In the span of our partnership, Dan has seen a transformation that is nothing short of miraculous. From the painful clutches of AS, he now stands tall in full remission, enjoying a pain-free life and feeling the healthiest he's ever been. More than just the frontman of a world-famous band, he's a testament to the wonders of dedication, the right guidance, and the healing power of proper nutrition and exercise.

Dan's demanding touring schedules now meet a body and mind in peak condition, ready to captivate audiences worldwide. His journey with me has been about more than just fitness; it's been about reclaiming his life and passion from a debilitating disease. I'm honored to have played a part in this incredible transformation.

Drake Livingston

Occupation: Music Artist

Results: 80 pounds shed, established lasting healthy habits, and reduced stress and fatigue significantly.

Drake Livingston: From Lifelong Struggles to Lifelong Success. 80-Pound Weight Loss in 7 Months

When Drake Livingston and I first connected, he was a young adult on the brink of his 21st birthday, weighed down by a lifetime of struggle with his body. Drake was eager to shed the weight but wary due to past experiences of hitting plateaus and regaining pounds. His goals were not merely cosmetic; he wanted to embrace lifelong habits to transform his health and overall sense of well-being.

The Process

Phase 1: Rethinking Nutrition

One of the first challenges we tackled was re-framing Drake's relationship with food. My approach focused on the impact of inflammation, which has repercussions not just for weight but also mood and energy. As we navigated this nutritional makeover, Drake had an epiphany. He came to understand that his former eating habits were not just hindering his weight loss but were major contributors to his recurring stress and fatigue.

Phase 2: Customized Functional Training

With a fresh mindset and nutritional plan fueling his body, Drake was ready for the physical transformation. I devised a training program focused on functional exercises that were designed to harness his renewed energy levels. The aim was not just weight loss; it was to change how his body moved and felt every single day.

The Results

In just seven months, Drake successfully lost 80 pounds—a feat that is monumental but not the sole measure of his transformation. Beyond the scale, he's experienced a complete shift in his approach to nutrition, benefiting not just his waistline but also his overall mood and energy levels. Thanks to the functional training regimen, his physical capabilities have skyrocketed, allowing him greater freedom and vitality in his everyday life.

The investment Drake made in my coaching program was not just a temporary fix; it laid the foundation for a lifetime of better health and well-being. I’m immensely proud of his commitment and thrilled to have played a part in this transformative journey.

Coulter Reynolds

Occupation: Music Publisher

Results: 30 pounds gained, reaching 190 pounds, No more flare-ups, discontinued use of Humira, Increased motivation, improved sleep, and a renewed passion for work and life.

Coulter Reynolds: From Pain to Passion: How I Helped Coulter Gained 30 Pounds, Defeated Ankylosing Spondylitis, and Transformed His Life

When Coulter Reynolds first came to me, he was a 28-year-old man grappling with the debilitating condition of Ankylosing Spondylitis. At 160 pounds and on a regimen of Humira injections every two weeks, Coulter's situation was far from ideal. His flare-ups were frequent, and the disease was taking a toll on his physical and emotional well-being. His objective was to not just manage his condition but to thrive, by increasing his weight and improving his overall health and life.

The Process

Phase 1: Joint Strengthening and Mobility Training

We first addressed Coulter's unique needs by incorporating specialized exercises into his routine to strengthen his joints and increase mobility. This was critical for managing the symptoms of Ankylosing Spondylitis and weaning him off Humira.

Phase 2: Comprehensive Health Overhaul

As we progressed, it became clear that a holistic approach would yield the best results. Alongside the specialized exercises, we also focused on nutrition and lifestyle changes aimed at enhancing his immune system and promoting weight gain. The goal was to help him achieve a healthy body weight, thereby counteracting the scrawny appearance that had long plagued him.

The Results

After 10 months of dedicated effort, the transformation in Coulter has been nothing short of miraculous. Not only has he gained 30 pounds, filling out his body in a way that radiates health, but he has also been free from the debilitating flare-ups that once dictated his life. He's discontinued the use of Humira, signaling an incredible turnaround in his health. But perhaps most astonishingly, Coulter has seen a profound increase in his motivation and passion for life, complemented by significantly improved sleep patterns.

Coulter’s investment in my coaching method was not just about temporary gains; it was about reclaiming his life from the clutches of chronic illness. The newfound vitality and wellbeing he now enjoys are testaments to his hard work and the efficacy of our tailored approach. Coulter has not only changed in appearance but has undergone a total life transformation—something I'm incredibly proud to have been a part of.

Aida Barrett

Occupation: Banking

Results: Broke through the fitness plateau, rediscovered the joy in her fitness journey, and felt supported and encouraged throughout.

Aida Barrett: How I Helped Aida Barrett Break Her Fitness Plateau and Rediscover Joy in Exercise

Aida Barrett is no newcomer to the fitness world. She had a solid background in workouts and nutrition when she approached me in September 2022. However, despite her efforts and experience, she had hit a plateau. Progress had come to a standstill, and her workouts had become monotonous and unexciting. What Aida sought was not just transformation but also the renewal of her passion for fitness.

The Process

Phase 1: Personalized Meal Planning

One of the first steps in reigniting Aida's progress was a customized meal plan. Even with her existing knowledge of nutrition, this fresh approach was tailored to address her specific challenges and kickstart her journey towards transformation.

Phase 2: Individualized Workouts

I designed a workout regimen for Aida that was far from the generic routines available everywhere. The focus was on diversity and challenge, elements that were missing from her previous workouts. This approach aimed to not only accelerate her progress but also bring back the joy she once felt in exercising.

The Results

In just a few months of working together, Aida broke through her fitness plateau, which had been hindering her for quite some time. But it wasn't just the visible changes in her body that marked her success; it was also the revitalization of her love for working out. She no longer saw the gym as a boring place but as a playground for growth and transformation. Furthermore, our open and personable line of communication made the journey even more fulfilling for her.

Aida's success stands as a testament to what can be achieved with the right guidance and personalized approach. Her trust in the program and in me made the success "inevitable," as she puts it. Her journey underscores the power of customization in breaking barriers and achieving holistic wellness—both physical and emotional.

Nicklas Törnqvist

Occupation: Project Managing

Results: Body Fat reduced from 23% to 16%, adopted a more disciplined and focused approach to health, and improved fitness levels and a sustainable path to a healthier lifestyle.

Nicklas Törnqvist: How I Helped Nicklas Törnqvist Slash Body Fat from 23% to 16% in Just 5 Months

When Nicklas Törnqvist first reached out to me, he was a man who had battled with weight issues for as long as he could remember. It was evident that he was finally ready for a change. At a body fat percentage of 23%, Nicklas had a distinct goal in mind: to dramatically reduce his body fat while laying the groundwork for a healthier lifestyle. He was committed to staying disciplined and focused to get the results he desired.

The Process

Phase 1: Tailored Fitness Program

The cornerstone of our approach was my tried-and-tested fitness program. Designed to be holistic, it covered everything from training regimens to nutritional guidance. From day one, we zeroed in on targeted workouts to help Nicklas lose body fat efficiently.

Phase 2: Comprehensive Health Plan

In addition to the physical training, Nicklas was provided with a full package that included coaching, customized food plans, and advice on supplements. This multifaceted strategy ensured that he had all the tools necessary to succeed—not just in the short term, but as a sustainable lifestyle change.

The Results

In just 5 short months, Nicklas achieved astounding results, lowering his body fat from 23% to 16%. But the transformation was not merely physical. The journey instilled in him a newfound discipline and focus that permeated other aspects of his life. His commitment to the program showed that with the right guidance and tools, anyone can turn their life around.

Nicklas’s investment in my coaching wasn't just about the numbers on the scale or the percentage of body fat. It was about committing to a better, healthier future—a goal he is well on his way to achieving. The trust he placed in me, and the hard work he put in, culminated in a life-changing experience that both of us are incredibly proud of.

TFM Will Help You Achieve:

  • Personalized Assessment: Comprehensive evaluation of current health status, lifestyle habits, and fitness levels to tailor a unique plan.

  • Nutritional Guidance: Customized diet plans that focus on anti-inflammatory foods, maximizing energy, and supporting overall well-being.

  • Efficient Workouts: Time-saving, high-impact exercise regimens designed for the busiest schedules without compromising results.

  • Mental Well-being: Strategies to combat stress, improve sleep quality, and enhance mental clarity crucial for decision-making.

  • Chronic Condition Management: Expertise in managing autoimmune conditions like Type 1 Diabetes through lifestyle changes.

  • Joint & Mobility Training: Focusing on functional fitness to ensure joint health, enhance mobility, and prevent injuries.

  • Accountability & Support: Regular check-ins, progress tracking, and motivation to ensure clients stay on their path to success.

  • Supplement Guidance: Recommendations on vitamins and supplements to complement diet and boost overall health.

  • Holistic Approach: Integrating mind, body, and spirit for a balanced and sustainable health transformation.

  • Continuous Education: Keeping clients informed on the latest research, trends, and best practices in health & fitness.

  • Network Referrals: Collaborating with a trusted network of medical professionals, therapists, and nutritionists to offer clients a 360-degree health support system.

Inside TFM You Get:

  • Custom 1-on-1 Strategy Game Plan Designed Specifically For You

  • Personalized meal plans and dietary guidelines to fuel performance and optimize health.

  • 1-on-1 Coaching Calls Every Week

  • Strategies and exercises to cultivate a winning mindset, essential for long-term success.

  • Access to a library of instructional videos, covering exercise techniques, recipes, and motivational talks

  • Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals on a similar journey, sharing experiences and offering encouragement.

  • A curated collection of articles, research papers, and e-books to deepen your understanding of health and fitness.

  • Recommendations and insights on quality supplements to enhance your diet and overall well-being.

  • An always-available channel for urgent queries, ensuring you're never left in doubt or facing challenges alone.

  • Guaranteed Results